Back-Friendly Desk Chair Alternatives

Sitting in an office chair all day can be pain in the neck – seriously. Unless you are always cognizant of how you are sitting, traditional office chairs usually result in hunching forward to see the computer and causing back and neck pain that lasts even when the work day is over. However, there are many different alternatives you can use to reduce the tension placed on your back and neck. Our back pain specialists in Philadelphia and New Jersey recommend these back-friendly chair alternatives.

  1. Standing desk – this is the number one alternative to desk chairs if you want to reduce back and neck pain. You already know sitting all day is bad for your spine health, so getting a standing desk or sit-stand desk is the perfect alternative because it reduces the pressure on your spine and prevents slouching. You can get the standing desk risers that sit on your current desk and lift up to accommodate your height. Most people who use standing desks not only feel reduced spine pain, they also feel more energized and productive.
  2. Exercise ball – more and more people are using exercise balls as a cheap, easy alternative to desk chairs. When you sit on the ball, your body has to make tiny adjustments to maintain balance. This engages your abs and lower back muscles. Since there is no back support, you are unable to slouch, so you have no choice but to have good posture. In the beginning, alternate between an exercise ball and desk chair until you feel comfortable sitting on the ball all day.
  3. Balance stool – similar to exercise balls, balance stools require your body to maintain balance, which works your core. Balance stools are on springs, so you’re unable to shift your body weight forward or to one side. People often choose balance stools over exercise balls because they look like they belong in a work setting and stay in one place as opposed to rolling.
  4. Kneeling chair – these chairs have a shorter backrest and angle you forward. Because your legs hook behind the chair, some of your body weight is distributed to your shins instead of it all staying at your lower back. Kneeling chairs move your hips forward to encourage good posture to reduce the tension placed on your spine. You can adjust the height, so make sure yours is set to a height where you don’t have to look up or down at your monitor.

While there are also some other options, such as a treadmill walking desk, these are the most popular options for people who want to swap out their desk chair and back pain for a pain-free work day. Over time, you’ll notice less and less back and neck pain, and you’ll have a more productive work day. If you’re looking for back pain specialists in Philadelphia or New Jersey, we are one the region’s top facilities.

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