How to Pick a Spine Specialist in New Jersey

If you’ve completed physical therapy and still experience pain or have a severe spinal condition, then you’re most likely exploring surgical options. There are dozens of spine surgeons in your surrounding area, so how do you know what physician will be the right fit for you? To help you have the best possible surgical experience, here are five key things to look for when selecting a spine specialist in New Jersey to complete your surgery:

  • Board certified and fellowship-trained: these two sets of words mean a lot when it comes to surgeons. They mean that rather than practicing medicine right after receiving a medical license, the surgeon selected a speciality and did more training in that field. Fellowship-trained surgeons are masters at their speciality and regarded as experts in their clinical and surgical experiences.
  • Answers questions thoroughly and completely: regardless of whether it’s your first surgery or your fifth, you most likely have a lot of questions. To put your mind at ease, ask your surgeon these questions and pay attention to the responses. Are they clear enough for you to understand? Does he or she take time to thoughtfully explain things until you feel comfortable with them? Having a surgeon answer questions is a huge step to going into your surgery more confident.
  • Focuses more than half the time specifically on spine conditions: depending on what a surgeon specializes in, he or she may not only focus on spines. Rather than finding someone who operates on multiple parts of the body, find a spine specialist in New Jersey. That means your surgeon will know the latest best practices and technologies, giving you a better outcome.
  • Welcomes a second opinion: more often than not, your surgeon will welcome a second opinion. It shows he or she is confident with their diagnosis and is putting your well-being above their ego and above getting paid. However, if you ask about getting a second opinion and receive no as an answer, it is often a sign that you need to turn around and head for the hills.
  • Bedside manner: while credentials are crucial, they shouldn’t be the only thing that’s important when it comes to selecting a spine specialist in New Jersey. You want to feel comfortable with him or her and appreciate the way they treat you as a patient. Do you feel rushed when you’re in for an appointment? Does his or her attitude and demeanor mesh with yours? Ask these types of questions before making a final decision.

Whether you’re looking for a spine specialist in New Jersey or already have one and want a second opinion, Coastal Spine has the team and resources you need. Our board certified, fellowship-trained physicians focus solely on back and neck surgery, ensuring you have only the best experience. Schedule an appointment here

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