The Relationship Between Aging and Back Pain

Aging is the number one cause of back pain. All the wear and tear your back experiences throughout the course of your life starts to pile up until you start outwardly displaying symptoms. There isn’t one condition or even one cause of why you make be experiencing aging-related back pain. There are so many pieces of the spine, and a back pain specialist in New Jersey must determine the piece that’s affected before starting treatment.

How does the wear and tear cause back pain?

The vertebrae in your spine are each separated by joints and discs. The discs are very important because they serve as shock absorbers and prevent your bones from rubbing together, and the joints give your spine mobility.

Over time, the vertebrae, discs, and joints start to wear away. When the discs deteriorate, the vertebrae in the spine start to grind against each other, causing a wide-range of symptoms. When joints wear away, it causes spinal arthritis and requires treatment from a back pain specialist in New Jersey. You can experience osteoporosis or other conditions affecting your vertebrae, which makes them more susceptible to breaks.

How can I take care of my back?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to eliminate all wear and tear on the spine – it’s just a part of life. However, there are many ways to practice good spine health and minimize damage, including:

  • Eating right
  • Not smoking
  • Having good posture
  • Regular stretching and exercising
  • Limiting alcohol
  • Maintaining a healthy weight

You should also address any back or neck pain you are feeling by seeing a back pain specialist in New Jersey immediately. Waiting to see if symptoms go away will often exacerbate the issue and make it a longer road to recovery.

If you have been experiencing chronic back pain that has lasted a few weeks or more, it’s time to take back control of your life. The sooner you treat your symptoms, the sooner they will be gone. Schedule an appointment at Coastal Spine, a back pain specialist in New Jersey, by clicking here.

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