Treating Chronic Back Pain with Radiofrequency Ablation

Senior man suffering from back pain Coastal Spine provides radiofrequency ablation for patients experiencing chronic back pain. The treatment effectively alleviates pain caused by nerve compression in many patients. This treatment is far less invasive than surgery and a viable solution for those seeking pain management while using less pain medication. 

What Types of Chronic Back Pain Can Be Treated With Radiofrequency Ablation?

Radiofrequency ablation helps alleviate pain caused by common conditions associated with chronic back pain. Some of these conditions include:

  • Chronic spinal pain
  • Spondylosis
  • Pain caused by trauma or surgery

How Does Radiofrequency Ablation Work?

Radiofrequency ablation disrupts nerve endings that send pain signals to the brain. The procedure utilizes targeted radio waves that heat and destroy an area of the nerve, relieving pain by inhibiting the nerve’s signal.

For some patients, pain relief begins immediately after the procedure. Others can take up to three weeks to see results. With effective treatments, pain relief lasts between six to twelve months.

In some cases, the nerve causing pain regrows. Nerve regrowth usually happens within six months of the procedure. Because radiofrequency ablation creates minimal risk, it is safe to receive this treatment multiple times.

Procedure and Recovery

Patients receiving radiofrequency ablation are mildly sedated, and numbing medication will be injected into the treated areas. Coastal Spine providers will then use a specialized x-ray machine called a fluoroscope to locate the targeted nerve tissue with the radiofrequency needles

Recovery for radiofrequency ablation is short, especially compared to other treatments like surgery. The injection area may be sore, but most patients experience little pain. Recovery times for most people are under one week and can be as little as just a few days. 

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When chronic back pain caused by nerve compression disrupts daily life, seeking a solution can be challenging. While back surgery can help with nerve compression, it can be hard to identify the source of the pain. This means surgery doesn’t always wholly alleviate chronic back pain.

Meet with one of our professionals at Coastal Spine to determine if radiofrequency ablation is a viable solution to treat your chronic back pain. Schedule an appointment by calling 856-222-4444

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