Insurance Case Managers

We recognize the crucial role that insurance case managers and adjusters play in the overall management of our patients’ health. Our staff is dedicated to maintaining frequent and accurate communication. We provide quick note reports during your visit or within 24 hours.  We have a staff dedicated specifically to working with you.

Coastal Spine is a multidisciplinary spine center focused on nonsurgical solutions to back and neck pain. We are a regional Center of Excellence, working with patients from around the region on complex cases to end chronic pain, and return them back to normal activity and health as soon as possible.

Spine Dedicated Services Under One Roof

As a Center of Excellence, we provide a variety of spine dedicated services under one roof. We are one of the only spine centers in New Jersey that combines spine-specialized orthopedic surgeons and spine neurosurgeons together with specialists in nonsurgical disciplines for treatment of back and neck pain.

Specialized Orthopedic Spine Surgeons And Neurosurgeons

Though we focus on non-surgical solutions to back and neck pain, we know that some patients do require surgery to return to their normal activity levels and lifestyles.  Our group includes specialized orthopedic spine surgeons and spine neurosurgeons.  We operate at our spine dedicated surgery center or the local spine accredited hospital.

We Provide The Following Services:

  • Evaluation, assessment and diagnosis
  • Non-surgical treatment options
  • Surgical treatment options
  • Realistic evaluation of prognosis and estimation of recovery

We can also provide Independent Medical Examinations, allowing for new and unbiased insights into a patient’s injury, care, prognosis and appraisal of causal relationship.

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