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The goal of spine treatment is to address the underlying problem, whether it be neck or back pain, pain down the arm or leg weakness. Sometimes these issues can be resolved through minimally invasive techniques, such as physical therapy or injections, but some patients require surgery.

All Coastal Spine surgeons are not only experienced but also fellowship trained. We are specialists in scoliosis, tumor surgery, failed back surgery repairs as well as minimally invasive spine surgery and all common surgical problems in the neck and low back. We are also knowledgeable regarding innovations such as disc replacement.


Who Is a Candidate for Laser Spine Surgery?

Although considered minimally invasive, laser spine surgery is not deemed appropriate for every person with chronic back pain. The team at Coastal Spine takes a personalized approach to each case and determines if laser spine surgery is suitable by conducting a series of diagnostic tests. These may include x-rays, MRIs, or CT scans. Laser spine surgery is not usually recommended for more severe, complex spinal issues. It can, however, be an excellent treatment option for sciatica, herniated discs, pinched nerves, spinal cord tumors, and spinal stenosis. These conditions often cause symptoms such as chronic back pain, weakness, tingling, or numbness in the extremities, and more. The laser procedure is usually considered only after non-surgical modalities have failed to acheive sufficient relief for a good quality of life.

How Is a Laser Spine Surgery Procedure Performed?

There are three common approaches to spinal surgeries. The traditional approach requires a long incision and the manipulation of muscles and other tissue to access the spine. Minimally-invasive spinal surgery, MISS, incurs smaller incisions and the use of a tubular retractor to gently move tissue away from the surgical site. The retractor only creates a small tunnel through the tissue, so there is a shorter recovery period needed. Laser spine surgery is similar to the MISS technique in that it does not require long incisions or any significant movement of the tissue surrounding the surgical site. During the laser procedure, the laser device removes the portions of tissue that are compressing nerve roots and causing pain.

How Long Does a Laser Spine Surgery Procedure Take?

Most laser spine procedures can be done in about one hour. This is possible because the procedure is very focused on a particular objective and does not require making and closing incisions, nor the insertion of any hardware.

What Are the Risks of Laser Spine Surgery?

Laser spine surgery is a minimally invasive technique that can reduce nerve compression caused by various factors. The technique is known to incur a shorter recovery period and fewer risks. However, no procedure is completely risk-free. During our consultation visit, we discuss the risks that are involved in surgery and how they may relate to the individual patient. General risks associated with minimally invasive and laser spine procedures include bleeding, blood clots, infection, and, rarely, spinal fluid leak. Our experienced surgeons know how to mitigate surgical risks when utilizing laser technology. Patients can also help reduce their risk of surgical complications by carefully following their post-treatment instructions.

What Is the Recovery Process Like for Laser Spine Surgery?

The recovery period after laser spine surgery is quite a bit shorter than traditional spine surgery, which can take eight to 12 weeks. After the laser procedure, patients are able to go home within a short time. There is no hospital stay needed. At home, there are minimal restrictions. Provided that pain medication is non-narcotic, patients may drive as soon as the following day. Physical therapy often begins the day after the procedure. Many patients can return to work and light activity within one week. Patients with more strenuous job requirements, such as heavy lifting, may be advised to take more time off. The amount of time off is recommended in accordance with the level of physical activity the job demands. The level of physical activity one may engage in builds up gradually over up to six weeks. After that time, we expect a full return to all forms of activity. For other guidelines, patients can refer to their post-operative instructions.

Does Laser Spine Surgery Require Anesthesia?

Laser spine surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure. Before the treatment, patients are treated with a local anesthetic that numbs the surgical site. A mild sedative may also be given. The use of local anesthesia and sedation reduces the risks associated with the minimally invasive surgery and also enables patients to go home sooner than they would if they had received general anesthesia.

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