We are an integrated practice providing non-surgical and surgical treatment for back, neck,

and joint pain; all streamlined under one roof. Our goal is to help patients return to normal health and activity.

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Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion is one of the most common surgeries for neck pain. It is a procedure that removes a damaged disc in order to relieve the pressure on a nerve root or the spinal cord. This is often used when patients are having significant neck pain and possible weakness in the arms or hands. Visit our website or give us a call to learn more. #neckpain #necksurgery ...

An epidural injection is typically used to alleviate low back and/or leg pain. While the effects of the injection can be temporary – providing relief from pain for one week up to one year – an epidural can be very beneficial for patients during an episode of severe back pain. It can also provide sufficient pain relief to allow the patient to progress with their rehabilitation program.

You may imagine that you will be bed-ridden after spine surgery, however this is not the case! Most likely you will be up and walking on the day after surgery, and every day after that. This will help relieve pain, along with helping to prevent blood clots and muscle atrophy. #spinehealth #spinesurgery ...

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Getting Relief From Neck Strain

Few things are as debilitating as an aching neck. The discomfort and pain can be debilitating, making accomplishing everyday tasks tricky. Sometimes over-the-counter medications and minor lifestyle adjustments aren't enough to help you deal with neck pain. If you've been suffering from a strained neck, here are some ways that we can ...

Treating Spine Disc Infections

Learning that you have an infection can be a stressful experience. It can raise many questions if you've learned that your spinal discs have an infection. Understanding how spine disc infections work plays a role in your recovery. If you're concerned if your spinal condition is life-threatening, here are a few points ...
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